What We Do



Speak with public officials (e.g. state representatives, judges) that can promote policy change and help create procedures for grandparents raising grandchildren.

Training and Education:

Obtain and train Grandparents on parenting, social issues, and health promotion and prevention. 

Community Engagement and Outreach:

Organize outreach events such as health fairs, conferences, setting up resource table at resource fairs. Speaking at symposiums, engaging in panels pertaining to our mission. 

Support Groups:

Hold monthly support groups for grandparents raising grandchildren. Train grandparents to lead new support groups as we recognize the need to develop other support groups in other parts of the City.


Support Group Information & Locations

How can support groups help?

Many grandparents today are stepping in to raise their grandchildren due to various circumstances and situations. If you are one of these grandparents, you have made numerous sacrifices to provide a better life for your grandchildren. Come join us as we share experiences, provide resources, and learn ways to care for ourselves and our grandchildren.

Support group topics are determined by the participants concerns on

Legal – Financial – Health - Child Care – Nutrition - Child’s Behavioral Issues

Meeting Dates & Times for the school year:

(if it’s a holiday, date will vary)

Support Group Contact:

For more information please contact:

The Health Collaborative 210-481-2573

or email us using the Contact Us tab.

Site and Schedule

Southside ISD Administrative Bldg.

Jubillee Academy

Salado Intermediate

Acension -De Paul Center

Mexican American Unity Council

Casey Family Service

Madonna Neighborhood Center